Introducing Globber’s new range of scooters for toddlers and adults while maintaining a cohesive visual and sound identity. Each product video was composed of a  “mini-story”, a bit of “how-to” weaved into the storyline and finalized with a packshot. Each video ready to be used for a variety of social media efforts. 


800 square meters of studio space was re-painted and polished to the client’s detailed specifications.

12 pre-programmed Arri SkyPanels and a drove of ARRI spotlights allowed us to quickly change color themes between “mini-story”.


The speed, suspension, and fun driving experience of the adult electric bike were best showcased on the tarmac. After long deliberations and meticulous planning, we decided to block off huge chunks of Shenzhen software park and managed to wrap up the shoot in one day.

Was it easy? No!
Was it worth it? Absolutely!